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Aesthetic Therapies

A problem will be solved much more efficiently if several techniques are combined: this will allow to better integrate an anatomic entity within the whole of the face.

So, let's not talk about wrinkles, furrows, skin becoming loose, but let's rather consider eye or mouth rejuvenation, mouth delineation, complexion luminosity, etc.

The eye:
Most of the time the first tiredness signs appear at the level of eyelids : wrinkles, crow's-feet, withered states and skin distension. A peeling can correct the results of skin distension and withered state, avoiding so blepharoplastics (surgical operation). The botox can be another solution for the crow's-foot. The botox can be another solution for the crow's-foot.

Botox is the purified, softened botulic protein causing muscle weakening, which entails expression wrinkles (frontal wrinkles, wrinkles between the brows, crow's-foot, upper lip, neck). After one week or so, the wrinkles fade away. A Botox injection is efficient for around 6 months.

The smile, the mouth:

Ageing of the mouth outline is a complex process : the upper lip's fat and connective tissues get poorer, the mouth's bone skeleton loses its shape and the teeth change. Red lip thinning and lip rim fading entail, mostly in the case of smoking women, the appearance of what we call "sunray pleats" (small vertical lines around the lips).

We then propose different combined treatments (peeling, filling, collagen, hyaluronic acid, fat injection) with the aim of giving to mouth its juvenile aspect again. "goretex" -type implants or " polyacrylamid " (PAAG) gel can add to lip rejuvenation.

Photo-ageing - smoker skin :
TCA (trichloroacetic)- based peelings help to treat the most visible photo-ageing signs (withered, dry, wrinkled skin with an irregular complexion). In the most serious cases, a true chemical lifting, like a peeling using phenol, can be necessary. This technique can replace a surgical lifting. Lentigos, keratoses (age stains on hands and face) can also be treated by peelings.

The oval of the face :

Due to age, the face outlines fade and "jowls" appear because of tissue loosening and sagging. When the oval fading is light, treatments using gold threads and lipostructure can help. Mesolift stimulating methods (technique where products are injected under the form of supplements rich in vitamins, in amino-acids and in nucleic acids) allow to estructure the skin tissues. Peelings, fillings, are also efficient treatments to obtain again a pure oval of the face.

The body :
Liposculpture or lipoplastics, lipostructure or filling. How can we react in front of an excess, localized fat load that moreover resists to a good, well-done diet?
Lipoplastics or lipostructure is an intervention that is practised under local anaesthesia. Fat localized in different body parts is removed (saddlebag thighs, hips, knees, thigh internal face, waist, arms, etc).
Lipostructure or filling consists in improving the results of lipoplastics thanks to fat injection into depressions so as to obtain a perfect shape.
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