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Anti-Age Therapies

The products used within anti-age therapy have partly anti-oxidizing, anti-carcinogenic, de-poisoning and protective characteristics. Their protective functions are numerous and act upon many tissues and organs.

Moreover, you have to know that hormones regulate almost everything in our organism and that a body without strict hormonal control would produce a little of everything (fats, proteins, bones, heat, energy, etc) and this to any moment till complete exhaustion. Useless then to precise that they play an essential role in our organism and that they are in a way "the clock" of our metabolism.

Here follow the hormones used within the anti-age programme and the domains in which they have an action:

- Growth hormone (HGH)

This mainly acts upon the muscle mass development, favours the reduction of fat mass, helps the skin to tone up and increases endurance and energy. It also protects from anxiety.

This substance is produced by our suprarenal glands. It is the basic element for the production of other hormones, as for instance oestrogens and testosterone. It has a positive effect upon vitality, arteriosclerosis, senile diabetes, senile dementia, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, memory and skin ageing.

- Œstrogens
The largest part of oestradiol is produced by ovaries. This hormone has an influence upon menopause trouble, skin ageing and osteoporosis. It acts positively on psychic stabilization and intellectual performance.

- Progesterone

This hormone is mainly produced by ovaries for women and in small quantities by testicles for men. It acts positively upon cardiovascular trouble, osteoporosis and menopause trouble. This hormone guarantees psychic equilibrium and serenity to women.

- Melatonin
This allows to regulate the waking / sleeping rhythm, protects the immune system against free radicals, lowers blood pressure and relaxes muscles.

- Pregnenolone
This is produced by the external part of suprarenal glands and by the brain. It stimulates memory, favours concentration, fights against depression and calms down inflammatory rheumatism. This is of course only an overview of the hormones that govern our body: it would be much too long and fastidious to make an exhaustive list. Others exist that are important also.
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