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"Anti-Age Solutions" Follow-Up

When first consulting and after a first checkup, the doctor will provide you with a complete list of questions about your medical, nutritional and environmental past from your birth on. The answers will allow him to determine thoroughly what examinations and tests are necessary and useful.

After the second consultation, biological and medical examinations will be achieved so as to compare your biological age (your arteries’ age in a way) and your chronological age (your real age).

After all these examinations, a personalized programme precisely adapted to your case will established so as to compensate for the specific deficiencies that were detected in your organism, this is achieved with the help of substitutes, preferably natural ones.

  Depending on the cases and needs, this programme can include the following: :

  - Nutritional check-up

  - Oxidation stress check-up

  - Hormone check-up

  - Adapted fitness programme

  - Hormone substitution
(to compensate for the hormone production dropping with age)

  - Supply of micro-nutriments and trace elements
(vitamins, food complements, etc.)

  - Physical rejuvenation programme

  - Balanced diet
(rich in vitamins and minerals)

Among others, this will allow you to recover a good mental stability, to reduce your stress, to increase your intellectual faculties and to avoid any form of depression that is linked with age.
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