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What is Anti-Age Medecine ?

Everybody grows old and today no one is able to promise " eternal youth " to anyone. However, the ageing process can be slowed down and it is possible nowadays to keep a nice physical appearance as well as good intellectual powers thanks to regenerative medicine, as it allows to prolong health and vitality in order to live better and longer.

Anti-age medicine has been practised in the United States for several years. Its goal is to slow down the ageing process so as to maintain the adult (from 40) in an optimal physical and mental state.

Indeed, up to now conventional medicine has rather been aiming at maintaining patients alive without taking into account that they could also be "trapped" within an ageing body weakened over years. Moreover, medicine has been intervening too late, and only when pathologies broke out because of the patient's growing age.

Today, anti-age medicine can delay the moment of ageing; it can moreover also lighten certain diseases that are most of the time linked with our organism's wearing out.

This is preventive medicine that is intended not only for people who are more than 50 years old, but also for men and women whose organism shows premature ageing signs and whose biological age does not necessarily correspond (because of various factors) to their chronological age.
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