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Ageing Factors

Every day and every minute, many factors play a progressive, destructive role upon our organism. Indeed, we all know today that the sole daylight (without talking about staying out in the sun) is harmful to skin and contributes to its ageing process, as well as cigarette smoke, that acts the same way through the well-known "free radicals".

Moreover, much research carried out all over the world has showed that the secretion of several hormones like melatonin, DHEA, thyroxin, growth hormone, testosterone and androgens goes down after you reached the age of 40. This fall in hormonal secretion entails a drop in muscular strength, in physical, sexual and intellectual performance. But this can also lead to putting on weight, to an increase in cardiovascular disease risks and to other pathologies.

In fact, ageing would be the result of a constant fight between our organism's maintenance system and certain processes tending to alter and debase it. This harmony would also be influenced by genetic, energetic and environmental factors depending on each person.
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